A  Beach House at Piha, Auckland New Zealand

Lion Rock, PihaBeachfront South Piha.

An atmospheric beach house at the end of New Zealand's most famous surf beach. A perfect romantic retreat or setting for your special event, amidst the wild natural beauty of the West Coast and Tasman Sea.

50 minutes drive to Auckland city centre.

Available for short term/holiday rental.



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Mum!  When are we going to the BEACH?

shopping at henderson - when are we going to the beach? (113942 bytes)  Nearly there...  Surf club car park

Where to now?  North Piha? The Lagoon? South Piha?

North Piha from lagoon  The lagoon from Lion Rock (40789 bytes)   South Piha (behind Lion Rock) from North Piha (35661 bytes)  

Maybe sunbathe in the lagoon... swim at Lion Rock... join the nippers?

Francois and Charlotte at lagoon (59545 bytes)   Francois at Lion Rock with friend (40858 bytes)  Francois and Isabelle at the nippers (43962 bytes)

Or in winter:  a quick spot of work at home, brunch at the RSA,

Francois levelling the garden (82147 bytes)  Joes turn on the dune.jpg (97815 bytes)     Brunch at the RSA (55037 bytes) 

then off  to the south... past Camel Rock, the Keyhole

Skull rock, next beach round (24225 bytes)  The Keyhole (33434 bytes) seal.jpg (18493 bytes)

to the Blue Pool, meet a visiting octopus,

The Blue Pool (46816 bytes)    Fishing at the Blue Pool (47905 bytes)    Octopus visiting blue pool (18384 bytes)

Up the hill, climb down to the Blowhole?  ...then Up to the Tennis Court

Hillside flora (39272 bytes)  Looking down into the blowhole (253627 bytes)   "The tennis court" (not the club one!) (115792 bytes)  Francois heading for the cliffs... (61027 bytes)

Visit the Gargoyles...  then run all the way home!  Whew!

South gargoyles (17125 bytes)  North gargoyles (19933 bytes)  The way home (79369 bytes)  Home! (174201 bytes)

(And that was one short walk!  We haven't done North, the waterfall, or the Waitakeres yet...)

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